What are the different types of cameras used for photography?

Compact Digital Cameras- Compact digital cameras enable anybody to catch lovely pictures by just pointing the camera at the subject and clicking the shutter. Otherwise called a point-and-shoot camera, it is the most easy to use of all camera types. It is smaller and lighter, doesn't require film or additional lenses, and does all the diligent work of naturally altering its settings to convey well-exposed photographs every time. You won't have the flexibility of modifying the settings to your requirement, yet with a decent creative eye and a skill for composition, you ought to have no issue delivering extraordinary photographs.
Digital SLR Cameras- Since their invention in the late 90s, these cameras have turned into the apt choice for genuine beginner and expert photographers. DSLR cameras are composed on a similar basis as their film ancestors, and they offer eminent picture quality, changeable lenses, and a large group of creative controls. The greater part of DLSRs utilize a sensor measure called APS-C, however the top end models will have a full-frame sensor which is the same size as a 35mm film. Costs begin from around $400 for a beginner level APS-C model with a standard lens, directly through to over $3,000, only for the camera body, for a full-frame model.
Mirrorless Cameras- Mirrorless cameras are the most recent in professional cameras—they are essentially more compact DSLRs without the interior mirror that reflects light onto the sensor.
What's intriguing about mirrorless cameras is that they are currently fit for capturing mind blowing, high-resolution pictures with considerably quicker shutter speeds and record ultra HD recordings that the most costly, higher-end DSLRs can create.
Adventure Cameras-These kinds of cameras have a tendency to be like compacts, yet are intended to withstand the components. They're normally waterproof, shock proof, and some recent models are even freeze proof. They generally offer some constrained manual exposure choices, and a zoom nearer to the standard compact (as opposed to a zoom compact) which is behind toughened glass. With a beginning cost of around $120, they are a decent alternative on the off chance that you are after more info a basic camera that can withstand some outrageous conditions. Further developed models will be upwards of $500.
360 Cameras- The 360-degree camera takes half dome to full-circle panoramic photos and recordings utilizing back-to-back lenses. Like adventure cameras, some of them are likewise water safe and mountable on numerous surfaces, for example, on top of cars, helmets, or drones. Most importantly, they take the most practical pictures and recordings with dazzling panoramic views that you can truly submerge yourself in, virtual reality style. It's a decent camera option for taking travel photos that you can gladly flaunt to your friends and family.

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